Founder / Fleet Leader - UK

Fleet Rank: Admiral of the Vanguard

Our fleet's founder and UK Fleet Leader, Octavian's goal was to create a fleet in which new players could find an inviting, friendly environment in which to have a fun time playing Star Trek Online.

Octavian's passion is in helping new players develop their skills so they can get the most benefit from the game.







Fleet Leader - US

Fleet Rank: Admiral of the Vanguard

Projects Manager

Serving as the Fleet Leader in the US, Sevix, or Sev, as he is affectionately known, is in the Eastern Standard Timezone.  Fleet meetings are often held on his freighter.

Disguised as a human male, his fleetmates suspect Sevix is actually an alien from parts unknown.  Unfortunately, attempts at collecting DNA samples have been unsuccessful.

In addition to his day-to-day duties as a fleet leader, Sevix takes particular interest in the Fleet Holdings projects.


bill.jpgBill Morgan

Communications Manager

Fleet Rank:  Staff Admiral

Bill is responsible for communication notices for the fleet so if you have an announcement or an event you would like to hold, please let Admiral Morgan know and he will get the word out to the fleet.

When Bill is not handling your communiques, he can be found running STF's and is always available to help newer players with PVE builds.